Деревянная модель корабля Schifetto Carlofortino

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Код товара: 773857
Бренд: Euromodel
Масштаб: 1:10
Деревянная модель корабля Schifetto Carlofortino
Производитель: Euromodel. Масштаб: 1:15
Schifetto Carlofortino. Сборная масштабная деревянная модель корабля. Длина модели - 660, высота - 750 мм.
The term ‘schifetto’ comes from the word "skiff" that means lance boat. The schifetto belongs to the generic category of the "gullets", very widespread over the Mediterranean. According to the places where it operated and the type of activity they were used for, the gullet assumed different characteristics and variations that distinguished it. The schifetto was the ancient boat used by the Carlofortinians (people of Carloforte or indeed Sardinia) for the creel fishing of lobsters. Of restricted dimensions, it rarely exceeded 6 metres in length. The material employed for its construction was the oak for the keel, the pine of Aleppo for the frames and the resinous maritime pine of Tuscany and Corsica for the planking. The schifetto contained an inside fish-pond for maintaining live lobsters. The circulation of water happened through some special holes in the planking, the holes were filled with corks when the fish-pond was unused. The schifetto introduced the tree very much tilted towards the bow. This tree, thanks to a strong hoist at three ways, lifts a long lateen-yard where the main sail is inserted. The sails are completed by a ‘polaccone’ hoisted in the head of the tree and fixed to the bowsprit on a flowing ring that makes it faster and very manageable.

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