L4500R Maultier German heavy half-truck

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(044) 593 8323

(095) 407 7000

(097) 407 7000

(063) 780 7000

Доставка по Киеву:

· min заказ 150 грн

· 50 грн при сумме заказа до 800 грн

· от 800 грн: бесплатно

· самовывоз - Печерск

Доставка по Украине:

· min заказ 100 грн

· на склад Новой почты

· от 800 грн: бесплатно

· сроки: 1-3 дня


· наличными

· Visa / MasterCard

· безнал: без НДС

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Код товара: 772659
Масштаб: 1:35
Производитель: ZVEZDA. Период: Вторая мировая война. Масштаб: 1:35.
At the time of beginning of Barbarossa operation the most part of Wehrmacht’s transport vehicles was from lorry had been produced as per “Program of expedited production of lorries” (Schnell Programm). They had sufficient passability for seat of war in the Western Europe with its extensive motor roads network. But in the inclement climate of Russia and absence of roads with hard surface thousands vehicles stuck in mud and snow and were abandoned during the first war winter. Even all-wheel drive Mercedes-Benz L4500A was not able to carry loads at the Russian lack of good roads. That is why in 1943 half-track off-road vehicle Mercedes-Benz L4500R “Maultier” was created on the base of L4500A. During that caterpillar mover from the light tank Pz.Kpfw. II was mounted instead of rear axle. Dead weight of vehicle was increased, load carrying capacity was decreased up to 4.5 tones, maximal speed was reduced up to 36 km/h, and fuel consumption was up to 200 litres per 100 km. But now “Maultier” was able to drive on an

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